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Parasport3 Integral Goggles

Parasport3 Integral Goggles

  • $3570

Flexible Integral Lens

A goggle made of a flexible integral lens with unique features and providing a high quality level.
The contour of the lens allows the correct placement on faces of different shapes and sizes.
The attachment point of the elastic band is presented at an angle so that the goggle is quite stable even at higher speed.


Ventilation holes, out of field of vision, combined with anti-fog treatment, reduce the chance of fogging.
The gasket, giving even more comfort to the goggle, is made of soft material not coming off the lens, with superior resistance to sweat.

Technical Details

Lens: Polycarbonate, integral, flexible, anti-fog with ventilation holes
Elastic band: adjustable
Gasket: High quality, comfortable
UV protection:
PS3S (tinted lens): CAT3
PS3C (clear lens): CAT1
PS3O (orange lens): CAT2
PS3FM (mirrored lens): CAT3

Weight: 30 g

Protecting Microfiber Bag

All the PSX goggles come with a protecting, microfiber bag, useful to clean the goggle as well.
When necessary, lenses can be cleaned with just water and a mild soap.

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