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ATLAS JUNO visual altimeter

  • $62582

While the ATLAS Il is the evolution of the famous menu-driven Alti-2 Neptune, the JUNO is the visual altimeter for price-sensitive skydivers. Thanks to the no battery/filters/maintenance of the JUNO, the altimeter has low cost of ownership.

Available with the worldwide standard USB-C port for recharging every 4-8 weeks, the Juno is housed in a water-resistant micro carbon fiber-filled case with clicky buttons and a data view for the last jump. BIG numbers in a small case!

Every sport Altimeter, which leaves our production in DeLand, Florida or in the UK  are individual tested in a pressure chamber incl. video evidence  before they leave our facilities! Trusting your Altimeter should be justified!

Menu driven. Spend time skydiving – not reading manuals!