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  • $56980

The VISO II+™ is a digital faced visual altimeter for skydivers who prefer a digital display. We improved on the Viso II™ by building a thicker case and lens to reduce the possibility of breaking or cracking under normal use. We also upgraded the processing speed, increasing the refresh rate of the screen, allowing for a wider viewing angle with less flickering.

You can customize the VISO II+™ to your individual style with different sized VISO II+™ Elastic Wrist Mounts in a wide variety of colors. Slip your VISO II+™ into the secure, flexible mount and you’re ready to jump!

Check out the SOLO II™, OPTIMA II™, QUATTRO™, PROTRACK II™ audible altimeters from LB and add an audible solution for complete altitude awareness.

VisoII+ comes with Velcro hand mount and LB Altimeter Tool.

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